Thank you for checking in!

Hi, I am Stefy.

I am German-born, Rhode Island based photographer who loves to
document your wedding day, rather than disrupt it.

Am I the traditional photographer? No.
Will I take traditional family photos your mom will love? Absolutely.

I will bring experience, creativity, talent and lots of energy. If you are excited about authentic moments with a twist of creative portraits, we can create magic together.


To me it is light, composition and moment all in one image.

Seeing light, knowing where to find it and how to use it to my advantage

Once you see light, it is impossible to unsee it. And when you don't have it because of a cloudy or rainy day, knowing how to apply it where we need it to be. And if you have lots of it, knowing how to navigate it and make it a useful tool. That's the super power!

This is not an easy task and it is a never ending story of critical evaluation of photographs on my end. But after decades of shooting I am still passionate about my work and the experience along the way. It is such satisfaction and happiness when it all comes together.

Compositions and different angles make the world more interesting

This is your day and it is about you guys, you are the center of the day and I am beyond grateful for your trust in me and having me being a part of your big day.

My goal is to tell your story in a clean and powerful way with the least amount of distractions in the photographs. Clean lines, architectural features if available and different perspectives. We all see different things and life looks different from wherever we stand. Who wants "normal"? Normal is boring. I am excited to tell your story.

Most importantly - the moment!

The true power of a photograph lies in the moment. If I wouldn't have captured this moment, they would have forgotten about it a day after the wedding. This is what happens with so many moments in life. This father daughter moment was in a dark bedroom with a single ceiling light were they happened to stand close enough under, so I could capture this amazing point in time with available light to not interrupt the moment folding in front of me. You can't stage this. Impossible.

Anticipation of a photo takes a lot of experience, mostly by failing a ton along the way. Being in the right spot at the right time is nothing you can teach. You actually have to mess up to understand the game if you are critical enough about yourself and your work to get better. Some call it luck and there is probably some truth to it, but luck to me is when knowledge meets opportunity. Sometimes the photo gods align and you get this, one of my all time favorites.

I want to get to know you!

I would love to hear your story.

How did you meet? What do you guys do for fun? What do you love most about each other? Do you have a dog?

I believe good chemistry makes for great team work and this is what your wedding day is. If we click and you trust me, we can create the most stunning photographs together. By the time your wedding comes around I am more a friend with a camera versus one of the wedding vendors. 

The father daughter moment only happened this naturally because they felt like being themselves around me.

I love to be the fly on the wall and just observe and capture your day. The only time I am actually talking to you during your wedding day is during the formal family photos and your portraits. And even then I prefer to put you in a scene and have your fun self.